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Product introduction
Jinghua has been looking for innovative ways to reduce costs, simplify manufacturing procedure and improve the quality of its masterbatch to meet the changing needs of plastic industry.This series of products are featured by the high percentage content of mineral powder, this feature will bring in great efficiency in compounding.
Only Talc content Pellet For Plastic
1. Good dispersion, whiteness, and fineness
3. Improve production efficiency.
4. Meets many specifications, and maintains stability.
5. It reaches 40% of filling quantity in resin,  reducing costs well.
6. The product comes in pellet form, eliminating dust and improving worker health.
7. The recommended rate of addition: 5% - 40%

90% Talc Pellet.
1. Compared to traditional powder feeding, filler masterbatch is dust free,
environment friendly, easy to feed and can improve productivity up to 50% and
reduce the possibility of blocking sieve by 80%
2. It has good compatibility with resin and helpful to improve strength,
wear-resisting and hardness.
3. Has high whiteness and good transparency.
4. Good dispersion, no dust while processing with resin, keep production environment
well and ensure workers’ health.
5. The recommended rate of addition: 5% - 45%