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Back Mg(OH)2

1. Mg(OH)2 ≥ 99.8%
2. Whiteness ≥ 96%
3. Particle Size (D50): 1.2

4. Crystal shape: Hexageon5. 

Silane coated grade is available

Product description
Synthetic magnesium hydroxide is a high-purity magnesium hydroxide, synthesized by unique patented technology. We can supply uncoated and silane coated grade. Patented technology allows to obtain magnesium hydroxide particles of unique structure with controlled particle size distribution and specific surface area
A highly efficient non-toxic inorganic flame retardant, filler and smoke suppressing additive for the manufacture of almost all types of plastics and filled (co)polymer compositions on the basis of PVC, PA, PS, PP, PE, PET, etc.