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Back Anti-foaming masterbatch
1. Introduction
The micro-content water has a adverse influence on the processing in the PE and PP. The company usually remove the moisture by utilizing drying equipment. This way consumes a great deal of manpower resources and energy, which greatly increases company cost.
Our anti-foaming masterbatch can remove the micro water easily when being applied in end products manufactured by various PE or PP recycled material. Don’t need any extra treatments, this item can be added directly in the processing material and provides an good defoaming effect. It also can reduce moisture, crack, spot and other questions caused by water. The mechanical properties of end product will not be affected. 

2. Usage method
when producing, just add the item into the moisture-affected plastics raw materials and make them well combined. The adding rate in blow molding can be 1.0%-2.0%,  and in Injection molding and sheets it can be 2%-5%. the specific adding rate should be adjusted according to plastic conditions of humidified.
3. Application
It can be used in membrane products, paper bags, sheet products and injection products, etc.